Be well.

We are a collective group of horse care professionals dedicated to promoting all levels of a horse’s well being. Balance is the key to well being in humans, and in horses. Empowering people to use their own insight and power of observation is paramount to being a good horse person. When a horse’s hooves, body, teeth and nutrition are in balance, the body’s innate intelligence can work to maintain a self perpetuating balance and therefore true wellness.

Read on for more information or come learn from us if you want a more complete understanding of the whole horse. We believe that the entire circle of influence affecting a horse’s well being is important; no part is more important than the other. We find that given even just a bit of help, the horse automatically shifts toward better balance in mind, body, and spirit, because that’s how they want to be naturally.


Our Services

The following services are offered by the Balanced Equine Wellness clinic, to provide our equine partners with a happy, healthy, and pain-free, lifestyle.

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Practitioner Partnerships

Dr. Mack teaches TMJ Awareness Dentistry and Holistic Horse Health at Balanced Equine Wellness. She has a particular interest in balancing the mouth to affect a positive change in the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ). She considers the TMJ the “Master Link” in the chain of the horses’ balance.

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Dr. Heather Mack was born and raised in Pennsylvania surrounded by nature and animals. She always wanted to become a veterinarian and to move out West. She began riding horses at 9 years old, and they are still her number one passion. When she is not busy with her Equine Sports Medicine practice, you will find her playing with her own horses, exploring the wilderness, or refining her riding and horsemanship skills. Where most recent graduates buy into a practice to secure a future, she convinced her parents to help her buy a horse ranch in Idaho. For 20 years, she bred, raised, trained, and spent countless hours observing herd dynamics and healed horses at the Mystic Canyon Ranch. Heather often says it was a University of education about horses on that ranch; she sold it in 2014.

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