Practitioner Partnerships

Dr. Mack teaches TMJ Awareness Dentistry and Holistic Horse Health at Balanced Equine Wellness. She has a particular interest in balancing the mouth to affect a positive change in the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ). She considers the TMJ the “Master Link” in the chain of the horses’ balance.

It is a powerful convergence point for many acupuncture meridians. Also, it is the closest joint in the body to the brain and brainstem so harmonizing the proprioceptors in the jaw can have huge effects on the entire body. There is one thing for certain; you will have a keener awareness of the TMJ and its effect on the whole horse no matter what you have come to learn from Dr. Mack. What we pay attention to, we are conscious of, and this is a simple law of the universe. Once you have spent time with Heather your consciousness of the TMJ will be different. For the most part she will not employ any methods of treatment in her practice unless the mouth and jaw are balanced, or at least heading that way.

Equine Dentistry

Heather feels blessed to have two TMJ awareness dentists to work with, whom both share her philosophy on the importance of a balanced and comfortable TMJ. Brian Potter works with her in the U.S, and Kirk Anderson in Alberta. As a collective, they practice ‘TMJ Awareness Dentistry’, and use less sedation, and hand instruments, to achieve balance in the horses’ mouth. Both Brian and Kirk are very competent with their horsemanship, sensitivity, and willingness to learn and grow, and are just dang good horse dentists!



bluEquine osteopathy is a therapeutic manipulative process for equine athletes of all disciplines. This precise and gentle therapy facilitates and aids in the resolution of lameness challenges. Additionally, it optimizes athletic performance by promoting and restoring structural integrity and function.

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Burwash Equine

We work with Burwash Equine as well, on a similar basis to that of Moore Equine.

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Energy Equine

Dr. Chad Hewlett specializes in Equine Sports Medicine. He is an excellent lameness veterinarian, and has top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment. He is also, sensitive, intuitive and has familiarity with TCM and equine acupuncture.

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Hoof Care Professionals/ Farriers

  • Gary Carruthers and Nathan Powell – Both of these men are excellent farriers, AND are willing to COMMUNICATE!
  • Rachel Gedaliya – Our natural performance hoof care, and body work, professional.

Moore Veterinary Centre

The Moore Equine vets regularly visit Ironhill, and handle most of our emergencies, as well as some lameness and routine work.

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TD Equine Veterinary Group

We work with TD equine as well, on a similar basis to that of Burwash Equine and Moore Equine.

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Tracey Skinner

My “Forever Horse” trainer. Tracey is very intuitive and her goal is to help people create a sacred partnership with their horses. Even after all the physical imbalances have been addressed, there is often lingering emotional and mental stress. Tracey guides the horses through this and connects the owner with their horse. It is a pleasure to work with her.