Equine Health Care

The following services are offered by the Balanced Equine Wellness clinic, to provide our equine partners with a happy, healthy, and pain-free, lifestyle.


  • Whole Horse Health Exams
  • Postural Rehabilitation
  • Lameness/ gait analysis
  • TMJ awareness dentistry
  • Cranio/ Sacral work with an emphasis on the jaw, atlas and axis
  • Chiropractic

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition and herbal therapies
  • Homeopathy
  • A Plethora of Physical Therapy: Laser, RRT, Cymatherapy, Microcurrent, Vitafloor, and essential oils, just to name a few!

Essential Oils

We have designed what we consider four important essential oils for every horse owner.

  • BODY BALANCE- Intention: to balance the spine and create equal standing on all 4 feet. Gives the horse a better sense of his own balance and posture. Application: 1-2 drops on poll, sternum, withers, along spine, sacrum, under tail, & all four coronet bands.
  • DIGEST WELL- Intention: to help with stomach ulcers, hindgut dysbiosis, digestive upset or mild colic. Application: 1-2 drops along ventral midline, stomach ting point (center of hind hoof), allow them to lick a drop out of your hand if they want to.

  • EASE & GRACE- Intention: to calm the horses, give them better focus & encourage them to take deeper breaths & to trust. Application: 1-2 drops on ears, over chestnuts on front legs, inside of knees, & over heart.
  • IMMUNE TUNE- Intention: to strengthen horse‚Äôs vital life force, bolster the immune system & ward off disease from neighboring sick horses. Application: 1-2 drops on the Thymus (center of chest), all four coronet bands, & allow them to lick a drop out of your hand if they want to.